The Band

Salada Group is a band of Blues&Rock and Soul formed in Barcelona in 2014 by blues guitarist Pep Salada

The current line-up is a quartet made up of excellent musicians with a long career in other important formations inside and outside the blues scene.

The musical roots of the Salada Group are closely linked to the great interpreters of Blues and also of the Soul, the Rhythm & Blues passing through the Southern Rock with touches of good Slide and in everything that gives off the smell of good Blues.

One of the main aspects of the band is the creation and interpretation of their own songs as the main basis of their concerts.

Salada Group is a band with tables, charisma, sympathy and experience, that with their original songs does not leave indifferent to the audience of the stages they go through. They enjoy each of the songs in their repertoire, ranging from the most traditional Blues, to the Soul, going through Blues & Rock and Rock’n’Roll, alternating their own compositions with some versions of the great classics of his most admired musicians, infecting and involving the public.

Pep Salada


He is passionate about the blues guitar, self-taught, he started in the world of music after listening to the great blues of Chicago and falling in love with the British blues of the 60’s. The impact of the album “Beano” by Clapton & Mayall He marked and started composing his own songs and studying the great Chicago blues classics. From the year 94 begins the live performances and since then he has not stopped implementing musical projects. He has performed in some of the most important country halls such as Razzmatazz or La Cova del Drac and participated in Blues Festivals of Cerdanyola or Reus among others. In all these projects he has been responsible for the composition of the original songs and has evolved as an instrumentalist. 20 years later he creates his most personal project so far: SALADA GROUP. Original songs, covers, blues and soul, strength, passion and melancholy in equal parts. This is the reflection of who Pep Salada is.

Manel S. Bolado

Bass & chorus

Bass player, guitarist and self-taught composer. He has drunk the roots of blues, soul, R & B and rock and his teachers have been the great masters of these styles. At the age of 12 he formed his first band: MADERA, with which he played years later in cinemas in Catalonia. Composer of his own songs, both music and lyrics, following the style of his musical referents. The Cova del Drac, Cerdanyola Blues Festival, Jazz Cava de Terrassa, Bloc Festival, are places where he has performed with other groups. Razzmatazz 1 and 2, Voilà de Manresa, M.M.V.Vic, Fiesta Mayor of La Garriga, among others, are the places where he has performed lately as part of SALADA GROUP, performing his own creations of blues, soul, R & B, with energy and passion that characterize it.

Albert Ferrés

Voice, guitar & harmonica

It starts with the guitar with Jordi Farrés, and later with Rajko Milošević “Gera”. Also, he perfected his blues harmonica technique with “Tota Blues”. He has participated in several blues & rock bands since 1994. Along with Pep Salada, he was founder of the First Take Blues Band and during the last years he is part of The Generation. He has shared the bill with people of the likes of The Midnight Rockets, Café Soul, Hook Herrera, Popa Chubby, among others, playing in various venues around the country as La Cova del Drac, La Traviesa, La Bóveda del Albergue and Sala Creedence of Zaragoza, Temple Bar of Andorra, and in competitions like the M.M.V.Vic, International Blues Festival of Cerdanyola, Motorfest de Torelló, Bloc Blues of Olesa de Montserrat. He is an unconditional fan of electric blues for Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jeff Healey, Eric Clapton and the rock of the 70 ‘s.

Tom “Tommy” Backetes


Manel’s partner in the musical cause since adolescence with the MADERA group. Throughout his life he has cultivated different styles of music such as rock, blues, jazz, pop, traditional, classical, etc… through various instruments depending on the occasion such as drums, cello, choral singing, guitar, etc. . He has made music in a lot of places. So many, that not even he remembers some of the populations in which he has been acting. With SALADA GROUP Tom (Tommy for friends), happily returns to the blues field after time away from him.